This is not an established company yet. It's still only me :)

I have several other useful apps to release. They are only partially finished at this stage.
Apps include: Windows 10 Color adjuster, app for window positioning, contact book, an app that is saving all keyboard strokes(when you accidentally type when the box hasn't got the focus), ... Also, I have already written a turn based game years ago, I need to port it to web version where people will be able to place bets. I already have all the technologies and the know-how to achieve this.

To programmers:

I also need to be updating the existing apps, so I'm getting a bit overwhelmed. It's quite a task to keep everything organized as an individual so maybe I could use some help -- I'm not offering a job position, but I'm inviting an experienced VB programmer to team-up with me and we can then split the revenue according to amount of work that has been put in. If you are interested, please contact me by using one of the links listed below.

If you've already made an app by yourself, of which you think can be sold at Microsoft Store, you can also publish it through Silverfox Systems - you will get 50% of income (around 30% goes to MS Store and I will charge 20% to turn your application into a package, suitable for selling at MS Store, and to handle the certification process). I won't require your source code.
This offer applies to people who want to avoid the formal things and publish their apps as quickly as possible.

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